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Fourth Wheel CoffeeFrom the moment we plant the coffee seed in our plantation in El Salvador, to the moment the roasted coffee is delivered to your door, our goal is to give you a fresh cup of coffee from an environment where our family has been perfecting eco-friendly harvesting techniques for almost a century.

Fifteen days after being roasted, coffee beans start to lose their unique taste. With FourthWheel coffee you are drinking coffee the way it was meant to be. FourthWheel delivers roasted-to-order coffee beans directly to your doorstep within 5 days of roasting.



FourthWheel’s coffee comes from Santa Emilia Estate, a coffee plantation in the mountains of El Salvador. Thanks to Santa Emilia’s average altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level and particular microclimate, the coffee has an enriched and well-defined fruity and light flavor. Throughout the years Santa Emilia Estate has been characterized for its efforts and commitment of taking care of the environment. For almost a century, the farm has proven that it is possible to make sustainable quality coffee.

Santa Emilias’ recipe for sustainable quality coffee:


    Many studies have concluded that shade grown coffee plantations outperform sun grown plantations, through direct and indirect ways. Some of these examples are:
    - Better taste of coffee
    - Better quality of soil
    - Minimizes impact of global warming
    - Natural pest control
    - Improves bird habitat and creates temporary homes for migratory birds


    One of the Santa Emilia Estate’s strongest characteristics is that instead of using herbicides it promotes the propagations of noble herbs. Noble herbs help prevent soil erosion and not using herbicides is an element that contributes to a better tasting coffee bean.


    We make a point to hand-pick cherry beans at their peak ripeness. Our collaborators know that the only way for all of us to progress is to produce “Cup of Excellence” quality coffee beans.


    There are two direct benefits of performing sun-drying method instead of mechanical drying:
    - Sun-dried coffee beans undergo a 3 weeks drying process, mechanical dried process is much faster, which does not allow the bean to mature properly having as a consequence a lower quality coffee bean.
    - Sun-dried process does not require any electricity.


    COFFEE BAG (12 OZ)

    Get FourthWheel’s roast-to-order coffee anywhere in the United States within five days of being roasted. First 100 orders will get a second bag of coffee for free!!!




    Emilio Homberger was born in Switzerland in the year 1890. In 1913 he moved to El Salvador for a promising job but soon he fell in love with El Salvador’s rich coffee environment and bought the Santa Emilia Estate in order to grow his own unique coffee.

    Emilio’s way of growing coffee has been passed on and perfected over the years, over four generations. The one thing that has remained constant in the Homberger family for almost a century is Emilio’s dedication, hard work and passion for coffee. For this reason we decided to take matter in our hands and go beyond our estate. We want to make sure that all of our love for coffee is preserved along the supply chain and that our customer receives our coffee in the very best way.

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